1) The prospective customer unreservedly accepts and understands that the legal, legal, civil, economic and tax relationship arising from the purchase of such a product shall be understood to be “between the private purchaser” and the “company that manufactures/distributes the product” .

2) the potential customer unreservedly accepts that the data entered after clicking on the purchase button may be used by the company Eurosalez exclusively to be transferred to manufacturing/distributing/marketing companies through special contact forms made available by the affiliate network that proposes and offers without obligation to the external Affiliate Eurosalez, to operate on its own in the creation and execution of advertising campaigns on its own. In addition to this, the potential customer agrees to receive new contacts in the future from Eurosalez to propose new commercial offers related to this product.

3) Eurosalez guarantees to guard the prospect’s data with the diligence of a good family man, as well as any payment from the time of the order advance until the actual transfer to the manufacturer/distributor. merchant and non-merchant and/or manufacturer/distributor of the product; and you have activated the ad only to generate a non-purchase lead, and thus a useful contact and NOT a commercial transaction, guarantees to the lead: assistance to the extent possible in any problems that have arisen with the manufacturer/distributor without being legally , fiscally and commercially obligated.

4) The prospective customer unreservedly agrees that Eurosalez is not fiscally, legally, and civilly liable for any kind of dispute and/or problem of any nature arising from the order confirmation and the use of the product marketed by the manufacturer/dealer in this advertisement. For any dispute, consult the manufacturer/distributor whose company details are always on the package.